Below are the sales FAQs for Habitat Heights

Habitat Heights estate is located near the Lukenya Hills, along the Mombasa road.

Habitat Heights estate comprises of Studios, 1BR, 2BR & 3BR.

Studios comes in two variations 22m2 and 28m2

1 Bedroom – 44m2

2 Bedroom – 75m2

3 Bedroom – 95m2

You can either contact our Sales Agent or contact the office direct and we would be glad to walk you through our different sales plan.
Each Sales Agent will have an Agent ID, which will be issued by us(the developer).
Yes, we have. We have completed about 1500 projects in central Asia mainly in Malaysia and Singapore.
The project will take approximately 4 to 5 years to complete.
Habitat Housing Cooperative Society Limited (landowner) who comprise of past and present UN staff and Singapura Developer Limited are co-signatories in the collection account. In addition, Singapura Developers Ltd has partnered with UNOPS together with other reputable companies like Sustainable Housing Solutions who are the construction partners to ensure the smooth running of the project.


● Shops & Cafes

● 2 Club Houses

● Gym

● Study Corners

● Meeting rooms

● Multipurpose Halls

● Water feature ponds

● Olympic Size swimming pool

● Kid’s pool

● Jacuzzi Pool

● Astroturf football pitch

● Rugby pitch

● Basketball courts

● Tennis courts

● Garden with footpath & Ponds

● Children’s playground

● Outdoor elderly fitness corners

● Jogging tracks

● BBQ Pits


● Gated Community

● 24hrs CCTV Surveillance with security guard and electric fencing

● Intercom & card access

● Visitors reception & Lobby

● Parking space

● Designated drop off points

● Disability access

● Elevators

● Designated fire lifts

● Designated fire assembly points

● Integrated solar heating for hot water supply

● Adequate water supply

● Onsite management office

● Satellite TV & Fiber optic infrastructure

● Backup power supply

● Car wash facilities

● Garbage management system

● Smart city maintenance

Phase 1 off plan sales price

Cash/ Cash instalments:

● Studio 22m2 – KSH 1.98M

● Studios 28m2 - KSH 2.48M

● 1 Bedroom – KSH 3.4M

● 2 Bedroom – KSH4.8M

● 3 Bedroom – KSH 5.8M

Mortgage Price:

● Studio 22m2 – KSH 2.18 M

● Studios 28m2 -KSH 2.78M

● 1 Bedroom – KSH 3.78M

● 2 Bedroom – KSH 5.48M

● 3 Bedroom – KSH 6.88M

● Letter of Offer

● Agreement of Sale

● Sublease agreemen

● Full cash

● Cash instalment

● Mortgage

On signing the letter of offer within 30 days a 10% down payment will be collected immediately. Another 10% down payment will be collected immediately after signing the Agreement of Sale within 30days. The 80% balance payment to be paid within 90 days after signing the Agreement for Sale.
On signing the letter of offer within 30 days a 10% down payment will be collected. An Agreement for Sale will be issued and upon signing of this agreement within 30 days another 10% will be collected. The Agreement for Sale issued will supersede the letter of offer. The remaining balance which is 80% will be collected based on banks "certification of progress" as below:

● 15% upon completion of foundation work of the unit.

● 15% upon completion of Reinforced Concrete Framework and walls of the unit.

● 15% upon completion of door sub-frames / door frames and window frames are in position and internal plastering.

●15% upon completion of electrical wiring (without fittings) and the plumbing (without fittings) of the unit.

● 10% upon completion of doors, windows, light fittings and sanitary fittings.

● 10% upon completion of Car Parks, roads, sewers and drains serving for the unit.

The Purchase Price being financed shall be paid to the Vendor by the Purchaser’s Financier as shall be agreed between the Purchaser and Financier but subject to approval by the Vendor.
1% of the purchase price.
4% of the valuation by a registered government valuer.

Deposit will be collected for the 6months at once. At (….)/Month

● 22 SQM - KSH 10800

● 28 SQM - KSH 13800

● 44 SQM - KSH 21600

● 75 SQM - KSH 36000

● 95 SQM - KSH 45600

● 22 SQM - KSH 1800

● 28 SQM - KSH 2300

● 44 SQM - KSH 3600

● 75 SQM - KSH 6000

● 95 SQM - KSH7600

We will have boreholes in the estate and this will be complemented by tank storage of over 10,000 cubic meters (10 million liters) both underground and overhead. The project’s water system will also be connected to the Mavoko Water and Sewerage company (MAVWASCO) water distribution line. MAVWASCO currently have dam projects underway which are being funded by the Belgium government and the main purpose for this is to increase the water capacity as well as the supply to residents of Mavoko sub-county. One of the dams is currently 60% complete, that's the Mbagathi dam. Completion is likely to be by the first quarter of 2020. We will also have a waste water treatment plant which will ensure that drinking and non-potable water will be sufficient for the estate. Our bio ponds are also natural rain collection systems that will cater for the estate’s non-potable water usage (car washing, watering of landscapes and cleaning of common areas, etc.) in order for us to not waste good treated water.
There is joint venture agreement between the current landowner, Habitat Housing Cooperative Society Limited and Singapura Developers. This JVA supports that there is no encumbrance on the land. This land is not under any loan and is in the process of being transferred to Habitat Heights who will be the new landowner.
Habitat Heights estate is located near the Lukenya Hills, along the Mombasa road.